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Low Code

Build your data warehouse 10 times faster!

TimeXtender is a low-code platform that uses drag-and-drop functionality. It allows users to develop a complete data warehouse without extensive programming knowledge. Users can easily connect data sources, perform transformations, and build data models.

The platform automates data extraction, transformation, and loading processes and offers capabilities for data validation, quality control, and automatic connection with Qlik Sense and Microsoft Power BI. This makes the development process up to 10 times faster and more accessible compared to similar data warehouse solutions!

No more coding

TimeXtender automates the writing of SQL code for data cleansing, transformation, and validation. Of course, this code is entirely transparent, so as a user, you always know exactly what happens behind the scenes! Additionally, it remains possible to script and add custom code when necessary.

Full drag-and-drop

The TimeXtender platform is completely drag-and-drop. Transferring data from a source or creating a relationship is as simple as picking up and dragging the field. All of this is done within one visually displayed, user-friendly user interface.

Metadata driven

TimeXtender is fully metadata-driven. This allows changes in the source system to be automatically detected and implemented. Made a mistake by accident? Then, through automated version control, you can easily go back to the previous step.


TimeXtender is self-learning when it comes to loading and deploying data. By learning from previous actions, TimeXtender automatically ensures the fastest loading times, making waiting for your data a thing of the past.

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