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Work agile

Develop flexible and fast

TimeXtender offers flexibility and speed in developing and managing a data warehouse. With TimeXtender, organizations can adapt to changing business needs and quickly gain insights from their data. The platform supports an iterative and collaborative approach, allowing teams to work efficiently and deliver value quickly.

Self-service analytics

Data processing and transformations can be done without writing code. Ready-made data models, including the correct definitions, permissions, and roles, can then be easily shared with Microsoft Power BI and Qlik Sense. In this way, end users can independently visualize their data.

No vendor lock-in

Whether you choose to deploy your data on a local SQL server or manage your entire data warehouse in the Microsoft Azure cloud, it's all possible! Migrating from on-premise to the cloud? This can literally be done with just a few mouse clicks! Did you know that besides Microsoft, Snowflake, AWS, and Google are also supported (or will be supported)?

Simple switching of data storage

Imagine you are currently using Azure SQL, but you still want to store your data in a Microsoft Azure Data Lake. Does that seem like a daunting task? In TimeXtender, it's as simple as entering the new reference and executing a deploy/execute. In just a few minutes, you will have migrated all your data and future data will be stored in your data lake.

Multiple environments (OTAP)

Because TimeXtender is metadata-driven and automatically generates code, it is easy to deploy your environment from development to production. To do this, you create a reference in TimeXtender and simply specify where the environment should land. After clicking the 'transfer' button, your entire data warehouse, including data, will be live in production.

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